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Welcome to www.toricxs.com!

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What is Toricxs ?

Welcome... I heard someone say: Who uses Music Download Services needs also Toricxs... and he might be right (no, it wasn’t Jack). So,


Toricxs is a tool to clean up the appearance (file name/tag) of your wma, mp3 and wav files. You put in shit and out comes an automatically (without your help) well-formatted wma/mp3/wav collection. Toricxs is tag editor, wma/mp3/wav renamer and -organizer in one product. It can create TAGs out of file names. View the following screenshots for the previous/after effect:

Your poor collection before:

What is Toricxs?

Does your collection look similarly sloppy? Didn’t you ever want to clean it up so that it looks good when your friends see it? Now, in the 21st century, it is finally possible to automatically clean up your collection, with Toricxs! See how good your collection could look like:

Toricxs’ intelligent cleaning algorithms (being developed within 18 months) will read in file name and TAG data, format it, display it to you so that you can do changes also manually (if you want) and then all of your wma/mp3/wav files will be renamed, an mp3 v1 and v2 TAG/WMA TAG will be written and optionally your files are moved to subdirectories named for instance like the files' artist or album. Look how tidy and nice this will look then:

Your powerful collection after using Toricxs

Testing results (12th March 2003): Cleaning your mp3 files with Toricxs before transferring them to an external mp3/wma player will strongly increase the quality of the information visible in the player’s display. This is probable as the player displays TAG data, which was first written or/and improved by Toricxs.

Testing results (1st January 2006): Use Toricxs on the files of your Windows (tm) Medial Player library. The song information displayed in Media Player will be generally clean and complete.

tested on Nokia 5510

You can use such a tool ?

  • Yeah, then you can instantly go to the download page and get it!

You are skeptical if you need such a tool ?

  • No problem, take a tour and discover what new possibilities you’d have with Toricxs...

You don’t wanna clean up your collection as you were searching for something else?

You are not interested at all?

  • The cute Cathleen is sorry, then you are missing something handy :(

Toricxs News

21th January 2011

v1.4, reads Unicode tags!

1st March 2009

v1.2, manual replace function, 3rd skin, agent

16th January 2006

Explorer right-click edit added, 2nd skin

19th September 2005

Ask’n’Task help implemented

18th February 2005

WMA and WAV support implemented

1st Jan./6th Feb./4th Apr. 2004

Toricxs v1.1.1 released. Works and looks better, easier to use, new features

27th July 2003/16th Aug. 2004

Website updated (again)

1st May 2003

Website updated

24th March 2003

New Website set up

18th March 2003

Toricxs 1.1 final finished

26th February 2003

Toricxs 1.1 beta released

Toricxs Skinning Tip

If you ever get bored of the Toricxs base skin then you can change the font color from time to time. Therefore click on the ‘Skin Engine’ button and choose ‘Font => Set Text Color’.

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