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For the community who already downloaded Toricxs we serve the help here (and it is shipped with the program). For those who are not sure if to download we serve this help for further information on Toricxs. Toricxs itself has another built-in help system.

Toricxs HTML Help

Click here to open the Toricxs HTML help
2022-09-20: Sorry, Toricxs is now abandonware and not downloadable any more,
due to incompatibility with modern Windows versions.

Toricxs News

21th January 2011

v1.4, reads Unicode tags!

1st March 2009

v1.2, manual replace function, 3rd skin, agent

16th January 2006

Explorer right-click edit added, 2nd skin

19th September 2005

Ask’n’Task help implemented

18th February 2005

WMA and WAV support implemented

1st Jan./6th Feb./4th Apr. 2004

Toricxs v1.1.1 released. Works and looks better, easier to use, new features

27th July 2003/16th Aug. 2004

Website updated (again)

1st May 2003

Website updated

24th March 2003

New Website set up

18th March 2003

Toricxs 1.1 final finished

26th February 2003

Toricxs 1.1 beta released

Toricxs Skinning Tip

You can use any picture file (gif, jpg, bmp) as background picture for your skin. Therefore just drag the picture from your Windows- Explorer over to Toricxs or use the function ‘Back Picture => Import Back Picture...’ from the Skin Engine Menu.

Questions, Suggestions? Mail us!

Toricxs (c)2001-2012 Louis Coder + Team

- click here for instant download (version 1.4) -

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