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- All Downloads are Freeware -

Howdy! My name is Louis and here you get the ORIGINAL Adolf Dictator, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Angela Merkel and Dieter Bohlen Voice Changers as free downloads!!!

Choose one or two or all out of the following voice changer programs and download them at no charge!

6 versions available for Windows:

* Adolf Dictator Voice Changer * 😂

Imitate the hate speech of the worst Nazi felon of all time - Easily and comfortably using this free voice changer software!!!

Instructions and download of Adolf Dictator Voice Changer

* Barack Obama Voice Changer *

Translate your voice into that of Barack Obama, one of the mightiest persons in the world, and make him speak what YOU want!

Instructions and download of Barack Obama Voice Changer

* Donald Trump Voice Changer *

America first! ...or not? What does dumb Trump have to say?

Instructions and download of Donald Trump Voice Changer

* George W. Bush Voice Changer *

The former president of the Unites States did not always express himself cleverly. Now it's up to you, the Voice Changer users, to make him say useful things!

Instructions and download of George W. Bush Voice Changer

* Angela Merkel Voice Changer *

Produce some funny speech with the voice of 'Mutti' Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor.

Instructions and download of Angela Merkel Voice Changer

* Dieter Bohlen Voice Changer *

Dust off one of the voices of 'Modern Talking', the voice of the German V.I.P. Dieter Bohlen.

Instructions and download of Dieter Bohlen Voice Changer

There's also an Android version available, named Imitate Anybody 2
(similar but not equal features):

Get it on Google Play

Imitate Anybody 2 is the newest generation of the popular "Imitate Anybody" Noise Imitation series.

The app works as follows:

1) After start, you select a noise to imitate. The app ships with the following pre-installed options:


f) Imitate Anybody is the only app which lets you import noises to imitate. ANY noises! Therefore, place the wave-file (.wav) with the noise to imitate in the 'Downloads' folder of your Android phone. Then, select '[Import New]' from the drop-down list and tap on 'LOAD TARGET VOICE'. [...]

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