Welcome to the Voice Imitator Download Page :)

2020-04-29: Engine updated for considerably improved imitation quality!

Howdy! My name is Louis and here you can get the ORIGINAL Barack Obama, Dieter Bohlen, Angela Merkel and George W. Bush Voice Changers/Imitators as free downloads!!!

Choose one or two or all out of the following imitator programs and download them at no charge! Of course, they are clean of any spy-/adware, guaranteed.

Yeeha, let's go:

* Barack Obama Voice Imitator *

Translate your voice into that of Barack Obama, one of the mightiest persons in the world, and make him speak what YOU want!

Instructions and download of Barack Obama Voice Imitator
(Achieved voice quality in tests: good to very good.)

* Donald Trump Voice Imitator *

Actually I wanted to offer the Adolf Hitler Voice Imitator here, but due to technical problems I created a matching equivalent, the Donald Trump Voice Imitator!

Instructions and download of Donald Trump Voice Imitator
(Achieved voice quality in tests: good.)

* Dieter Bohlen Voice Imitator *

Dust off one of the voices of 'Modern Talking', the voice of the German V.I.P. Dieter Bohlen.

Instructions and download of Dieter Bohlen Voice Imitator
(Achieved voice quality in tests: good to very good.)

* Angela Merkel Voice Imitator *

Produce some funny speech with the voice of 'Mutti' Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor.

Instructions and download of Angela Merkel Voice Imitator
(Achieved voice quality in tests: medium.)

* George W. Bush Voice Imitator *

The former president of the Unites States did not always express himself cleverly. Now it's up to you, the Voice Imitator users, to make him say ingenious things!

Instructions and download of George W. Bush Voice Imitator
(Achieved voice quality in tests: good to very good.)

Do you like the Voice Imitator? What can be improved?
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Thank you!

Please notice:

Although the Voice Imitators are programmed for Windows, they worked in tests also on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Test setup: Ubuntu version '14.04 LTS x64', Wine version 'wine1.6-amd64'. If your OS is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, you can give the Imitator(s) a try, just like the Windows users!

If you should, when trying to run the Voice Imitator, get an error message saying the side-by-side configuration is invalid then the fix should be to install the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable that will be located in the installation directory of the installed (!) Voice Imitator. Example: "C:\Program Files\Hirnsoft\[...] Voice Imitator\vcredist_x86.exe". Typically the Redistributable is automatically installed by the Voice Imitator installer, so you needn't to care about.

You can download the .NET Framework 3.5 here. You need to download and run this .NET Framework installer only if any Voice Imitator installer should asked you to do so, because on most machines the .NET Framework 3.5 is already installed.

Have fun!!! :)

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