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Proposed solution of the P-NP-Problem:
Polynomial 3-SAT Solver
(if correct, this means P equals NP)

  • Paper in pdf format:

    Polynomial 3-SAT Solver E-1.1

    2020-05-10: New polynomial solving algorithm, called Algorithm E. Its source code is extremely simple, the main part consists of merely 4 nested loops. The first time it is explained in detail how the polynomial algorithm comes about, this time the polynomial algorithm is most widely understood. The algorithm and related paper should be much easier understandable than any of my previous works.

    2020-09-19: Some minor addenda in paper.

  • Read a comment by Dr. Mihai Prunescu about an older version of my solver. His paper is called 'About a surprizing computer program of Matthias Müller'. The original pdf-file Mr. Prunescu's paper is commenting can also be found within the zip file (see previous paragraph).

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