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Data About Louis

- a must-know for everybody ;-) -

[Note: partially out-dated, early 2000s data :) Go here for newer info...]

Louis Coder
Yes. On 2nd October 1981.
1.83 m (6.00 ft.)
Eye color
Hair color
Dark blond
83 kg (183 lb.)
Programming (Visual Basic, HTML), Carnivorous Plants, Photographing
Favourite Meal
I don't like cooking, I prefer eating stuff out of the microwave.
Favourite Drink
Franconia Fountain Cola-Mix
Favourite Movies
Shreck, Hannibal, The Simpsons (the episodes 'till 1998) and some others
Favourite Songs/Albums
Apocalyptica, Soundtracks (e.g. Godzilla Soundtrack), Baroque Music
Favourite Book
Richard F. Thompson: The Brain
My favourite car
Don't like cars, prefer taking the bus (although I have a driving license)
Student (computer science)
"I did it my way"
I like
My computer, my carnivorous plants, my digital camera, playing Volley-Ball
I don't like
Parties, dancing
People I don't like
Conceited people
I wished the world
No wars but more communication
I want to be one day
A famous scientist (like many people would like to be)

Yeeha! Now some data about me, maybe at least one outside there is interested in it...

Ok, let's start with a nice baby-picture of me:

It seems as I wasn't that interested in being photographed, but I cannot remember anymore why. I was born on October 2, 1981 at 12:47 (12:47 a.m.) in the 'Clinic North' in Nuremberg. From there on I was playing with LEGO (TM) and went to the kindergarten in Oberasbach. After the kindergarten I decided to go to school.


In fall 1988 I came to the elementary school in Oberasbach (a town near Nuremberg). I was a rather good pupil, also as my mother always paid attention that I made my homework right!

In September 1992 I changed to the secondary school in 'Stein' ('Stone'). You can visit their boring, run-down website here. In May 2001 I made my final examination (called 'Abitur').

Now, since October 2002 I visit the university in Erlangen (a city near Nuremberg, where the mp3 compression was developed). I'm studying computer science, what is really interesting me. I think that computers will be the tools to build our all future and that's why I want to take part in there. Later I would like to create artificial intelligence using neural networks. You can visit the university's website here.


My favourite action is programming. I do this almost all my free time long, since I started in June 1999 with my first large Visual Basic program, the Trojan horse 'Noname99'. I programmed on it and some related programs for 2 years. Noname99 has a remote control, but this one does not only work through a direct TCP/IP connection like usual remote controlable Trojan horses do, Noname99 can also be controlled through an email-remote control that works time shifted (thus it doesn't matter if you don't know when the target machine is online). Furthermore there was the 'HD-Explorer', a really nasty tool to manipulate the target machine's files in real time through the Internet (no panic - Noname99 was hardly used, it was merely a kind of programming practice as I didn't find victims where to install it on). I decided not to publish Noname99 as it is difficult to use and does not work if it is not absolutely correctly configured. You cannot download Noname99, but as it was that a 'fun' to program this program I made a little poem for you. You can view it here.

In summer 2001 I started my next large project, Toricxs. Toricxs is a tool to clean up your mp3 collection. It was meant to become famous, and I programmed for 13 month on it, but now there are in average 2.5 page visits per day :-(
But like Noname99, I see this program as a programming practice. Furthermore its components like the skin engine can also be used in further projects. This was a real lecture for my life, don't do anything when you're not sure people will like it! From this time on (that nobody loaded it down) I also rejected the idea to maybe set up a firm one day (surely this wouldn't work, too). But my programming-passion is still unbroken!

From time to time I also play gardener in my little aquarium with carnivorous plants. Some of them ceased, but most of them I have already since several years. I like these plants because their ability to move makes them to very special plants. There are many types of fly traps, for example the clap-traps (Venus fly trap), vertical pipes where the insects fall into and don't come out again, traps with digest-water in it (where insects drown), traps with glue, traps that work with vacuum (underwater only) and traps where insects go into and don't come out again because of 'hair-valves'. You see, there are many ways for flies to die a 'natural' death.

Now the moral question comes up if one should breed those plants, since they are meat-eater. But I can calm you, my plants didn't catch a fly since two years, they're also growing well without meat. And furthermore nobody forces the flies to go in, they would do it on their own.

Since August 2002 another hobby of me is photographing. Together with my friend Richard I often visit various places to take photos at. Fell free to visit the gallery to view my best photos.

In summer I also ride with my mountain-bike, a Hercules Yuma HS (1998). It has a Headshock Fatty D fork, Magura Johnny T. hydraulic brakes, Synchros Altrax fellies, DT Huegi naves and Shimano LX/XT equipment. The favourite action of my friend and me is driving in Nuremberg, particularly troubling tourists and racing down the castle-hill.

← here you see the Yuma.

I also tried myself in drawing, but this was not really such a fun like programming and I let it be, as well as composing.

Click below to hear the one and only song I've composed.

On this picture you see Ute, my female friend. I often talk to her, but she doesn't answer :-(

What about...

...Computers and computer games?

I played my first computer games on an Atari 7800 (something like the Nintendo NES, but worse). As this was very boring I temporary devoted to electronics for some time (self made police-funk (had a very bad quality as built out of a radio of such a children-learning kit)). But then I lent a C64 from my uncle, and on this computer I wrote my first programs, mainly cheap password programs (although there was nothing to protect). On the C64 I played e.g. Frogger. At Christmas 1992 I got my first 386, there I played wheel of fortune. The first cult-game I really liked was Duke Nukem 3D in 1996, at this time I played it on my P120 I got in 1995. Another games I found genius were Half-life (the original one, not Counter Strike) and Max Payne. As I am programming most time I didn't play much of these ego-shooters. Some people say these games would make the youth violent, but I don't think that this is true. The human (at least the man) has from birth on the attempt to define an own (hunting) district, this behaviour is driven by the instincts. Also the man wants to have a high social position in the group of human he's living in (his friends). Even most apes show this behaviour. There are real fights for who becomes the king in the troop, sometimes with injured or even dead (when the district is defended) apes.
The example with the apes (which are related to the human) lets us guess that all motivation created by the instinct must be turned onto action somehow. And this is really a fact, every psychologist can confirm you this. In games you can simulate and solve social conflicts without that anyone is harmed. I think that violent games are more a 'valve' than a 'model', they rather avoid violence in real life than they support it.


I use books only to gain scientific information (like the brain-book from Richard F. Thompson, see Louis' Room), I don't use books for entertainment. I must admit that I'm not good in reading, after one hour I don't even understand any more what's the theme. I cannot understand people who read for example novels, for me this is a pain, not fun. For me books are good for education, but for nothing more.

...Jennifer Lopez?

She is surely a good looking person, but I generally don't want a girl as my partner only because she looks good (in contrast to most people in my age, I think). I also would not buy J.Lo.'s CDs as I don't find her music that genius. Actually I won't buy any CD only as other people say it's good. In the radio and on TV they're trying all the time to tell me what were hits and what I should wear, this struggles my nerves! I hear what I want and I wear what I want (even although my cloths aren't that diversified). That's why my motto is "freestyle is always good"!

...Social Life?

In primary school I had a lot of friends, but they were all together gone when I came to secondary school. In secondary school I had also friends, but much fewer ones than in elementary school. Now as time passes and I left school one remained. Once I though you must do something against this misery and went to the dancing school. But soon I felt sick of this smoky dancing hole and quit it. Somehow the computer is my best friend, he doesn't disappoint me.

Ok folks, this is all. I hope you now know better who I am. Thank you for spending me your time!

[Note: partially out-dated, early 2000s data :) Go here for newer info...]

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