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Welcome to Louis' Photo Gallery
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At end of August 2002 I got my current digital camera. From there on I took many photos (it's real fun!). Now I've decided to show YOU a selection of picture's I've made. On the following 50 pages you'll see 40 of my best (until now) photos. All pictures were taken with my Canon Powershot A40 (a really good beginner camera):

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The gallery is devided into several categories. We'll see flowers, animals, fun pictures and much more. Every category has an own intro page giving you a brief introduction to the category. You can surf through the gallery by clicking on the 'next' and 'previous' buttons at the bottom of every page. Sometimes you can read an annotation at the bottom of the page. Yeeha! Now let's start with flowers! Click on 'Flowers' to continue!

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