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Louis Coder's Room

- Where it All is Done -

Here you see the room where this website and all related programs were created. The room's style is a combination of art, functionality, wisdom, and trash (as you can see in the bottom right corner). For further information you should read the following sight explanations:

  1. First (Main) Computer: "Headcrash". Compaq Presario 5589, AMD Athlon 800, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB + 30 GB HDs, ATI Rage 128, 4x4x32 CD Burner. Headcrash is the main computer used for saving all data except programmed code. Headcrash is the main computer used for working. Made in 2000.
  2. Second Computer: "Kondensator" (Capacitor). P120 (overclocked to 133 MHz), 16 MB RAM, 1 GB HD, ATI Mach 64, Floppy Disk Drive. Kondensator has the task to save all programmed code. The code exchange with Headcrash works over a 100 MBit network. Made in 1995.
  3. Monitor: LG Flatron 78FT Plus. One of the first monitors with a completely flat picture tube. The display resolution of the 17" Monitor is set to only 800x600 to save the user's eyes. Made in 1999.
  4. Drinks: Franconia Fountain Cola-Mix. Has much sugar and caffeine to empower the brain.
  5. Pillow to sit on: Guarantees a soft sitting feeling.
  6. Christmas Calendar: Bought in 1999, already 5 of 24 doors opened.
  7. Stereo Amplifier: Has the task to play all kinds of music during coding (important thing!), radio, mp3 (connected to Headcrash), wave, but not cd as the cd player was built out as damaged. Made in 1994.
  8. Book: Richard F. Thompson: The Brain. One of my favorite books, is about the known facts of the working principle of the human brain.
  9. Book: George F. Luger: Artificial Intelligence.
  10. Book: Jesse Liberty: Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours. Although bought 24 months ago, I still don't know right how to code in C++ (I will continue using VB, bless VB!).
  11. Decoration: "Woman with Mandolin". Printed with my Epson Stylus Color 680.
  12. Instrument: Guitar. Haven't played for 8 months. When I play then I play for example solo songs by Erich Ferstl.
  13. Book: English Dictionary. Very important when coding.

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