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P-NP-Problem solved (maybe)

Discover Louis Coder's approach to solve one of the Millennium Problems: Click on the following link to go to the algorithm description & solver application download:

Please click here for more information...

Discover Louis Coder's Toricxs, the free music file renamer and cleanser that will make also YOUR music collection look great! ^CLICK ABOVE^

Funny stuff: Click above to download the Dieter Bohlen or/and Barack Obama Voice Imitator Software for free! New version 1.9 (b) released 2015-01-01!!!

Download a free program for election analysis and -projection, programmed by Louis Coder (in German).

A poem by Louis Coder about the mysterious ways of love

Louis Coder's first homepage, still online waiting to be explored by you!

Yeah, also Louis Coder is part of the facebook-community! Here you can add me as your friend, if you want :)

My old myspace profile. No guarantee it's still in use!

Here you can view most of my school grades and see me in a suit!

Click here to see some of my pencil drawings I create from time to time.

View my best photos taken in 2002, creatively framed

Download some of my free Visual Basic 5.0 code snippets that have also been used to build together Toricxs and Wahlen 2009
(new Visual C++ code is still written but not yet published).

Meet Ute, Louis Coder's sleepy but most times happy budgie.

Collection of my best Windows-error screen shots, decorated with audio excerpts from the German Windows98 Installation.